About Us

Our love for feeling free riding in the wind, led us to get involved in a business with products related to the motorcycle industry. Unleashed started doing business in 2010 as a mobile jewelry business and has now expanded to clothing and accessories. 

At Unleashed, we understand what it is to be passionate about jewelry. We know that feeling our customers get when they discover a piece that is so perfect for them, because we love a nice piece of jewelry too!

You’ll find jewelry & apparel that begs for a night out on the town, pieces that make lasting special gifts, styles that perfectly represent who you are to the world, and many beautiful ideas for matching couples jewelry.

Our impressive jewelry & apparel collection is backed by Unleashed's 30-day money back guarantee and our continued devotion to customer service. We love our customers and we’re committed to offering you a truly great, secure, online shopping experience

At Unleashed, we offer our customers the kind of variety they would want in jewelry & apparel of their choice along with impressive discounted prices that are hard to find anywhere else. Our quality is among the finest with good quality sterling silver, stainless steel and leather used along with skilled craftsmanship for all of our jewelry to provide you stunning and fashionable jewelry.